Instrutor Saracura - AÚ Capoeira Malaysia

Instrutor Saracura


Dzulfadli Ibrahim, also formally known amongst Capoeiristas as Instrutor Saracura, started his Capoeira training at the age of 17. He trained in New Zealand under the tutelage of Mestre Junior of AÚ Capoeira whilst completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Auckland.

Upon his return to Malaysia in early 2010, Saracura spread the wings of AÚ Capoeira by establishing a school in Selangor, working closely with Mestre Junior in New Zealand and Mestre Pop from Brazil. He now teaches the Capoeira classes for the school in Malaysia.


In class, Saracura not only emphasizes on the physical training aspect of this Afro-Brazilian art, but also educates his students in the culture, music, history and philosophy embedded within the art.

A testimonial from Instrutor Saracura

Au_img023First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mestre Pop and Mestre Junior for the knowledge and guidance that they have provided me over the past few years. It is an honor to be in the presence of such talented, professional and yet humble individuals, who not only teach the art of Capoeira and its underlying philosophies, but also share their knowledge and enlightening insights on morals, ethics and life.

As for myself, having the opportunity to share my ever-growing knowledge of Capoeira is a privilege, as Capoeira has taught me many things beyond the physical aspect of the art itself such as discipline, respect, integrity, confidence, commitment and leadership. This universal stream of consciousness not only encompasses the elements within the Afro-Brazilian art, but also incorporates education in social and moral aspects as well. Capoeira itself displays syncretism, an integration of cultures, and until today, it continues to evolve as it interacts with new ideologies and schools of thought.

Learning is a life-long process and we learn from ourselves as well as from others. Capoeira creates a community without boundaries, a community where knowledge is shared and everyone teaches everyone. The art form itself is imbued with elements of theatre, music, language, coordination, focus, anticipation, communication and philosophy – not to mention being a physical and mental exercise regardless of personal background or demographic.  My role here is to create value and develop capabilities while learning together in a healthy and fun filled environment. After all, “Knowledge is the food of the soul.”

Regards and best wishes,
~Instrutor Saracura~