FAQs - AÚ Capoeira Malaysia


  • What should I wear for class? Is there a uniform?

    Yes, we do have a uniform consisting of our school t-shirt and the abadá (Capoeira training pants). However, for beginners, you may come to class wearing a comfortable t-shirt and long sports trousers. No footwear is required as we train barefoot in the studio.
  • What do I need to register for class?

    Send us an email with your name and contact number to register, or you can also just drop in during our class hours and register then.
  • What do I need to bring to class?

    We suggest that you bring along a bottle of water and a small towel as our training sessions will make you sweat!
  • I am not fit, sporty nor athletic – can I still learn Capoeira?

    YES! There is no pre-requisite level of fitness or flexibility to start learning Capoeira. We can cater our lessons to the most basic levels. Anyone can start learning at any age, and you will develop the fitness and abilities over time. Before long, you may even find yourself amazed at the skills you have acquired from regular training!
  • I have had some Capoeira training before, but would like to join your classes. Are these only for beginner-level and is there a separate class for more advanced students?

    You are also welcome to join our regular classes. We cater our delivery methods during class to ensure continuous learning and improvement for all students, according to their capability levels and learning pace.